Celebrity Holiday Traditions

We teamed up with the folks over at Celebrity Baby Scoop, and asked some of our favorite celebrity moms to tell us about their most cherished holiday traditions—or the ones they’re hoping to start with their new families.

The refrigerator only has room for so many masterpieces. There are lots of ways to display your children’s scribbles, but we found four companies that transform artwork into cool stuff you can actually use.

Suddenly That Elmo Coloring Book Seems Awfully Lame.

With Crayola's "Lights, Camera, Color!" feature, you can upload your own photos to the Crayola website and convert them to coloring book pages. No joke. It's the coolest thing ever. It takes two seconds, but you need an "access code,"…

Brands We Love

We devote a lot of time here at StrollerTraffic to new this and trendy that. So this week we wanted to slow down, take a deep breath, and honor the tried-and-true guys. To that end, we proudly admit that we absolutely, gushingly love . . .