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Coloring Books Are More Fun Than Museums.

Any City, USA. Prestel Coloring Books teach kids about fine art by encouraging them to stay inside the lines of masters like Warhol and Monet. The next edition is Vincent Van Gogh, due out in August. Pre-order now ($8.95) at…

No More Back-Seat Fits Over Dropped Toys.

Any City, USA. The "Snack & Play Travel Tray" from Star Kids is such a good idea on so many levels—not the least of which is it reduces their temptation to kick the front seats.

Any City, USA. Attach a Lil' Topper to just about any brand of water bottle, and voila! — you've got a makeshift no-spill sippy. The blue version works with brands like Fiji and Aquafina; yellow works with Poland Spring, Zephyrhills, …