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You Won’t Miss The Wheat

Crumbs Bake Shop hangs a gluten-free shingle

Gluten allergies and aversions are pretty common these days. How smart, then, that Crumbs Bake Shop is opening Crumbs Gluten Free. Located in the Village, the stand-alone storefront will open within the next few weeks, serving up the same yummy cupcakes, baked with non-gluten flour from Bob’s Red Mill—and other gluten-free components such as Valrhona Chocolate and Nielsen Massey Vanilla. (We hear the Red Velvet, Blackout, and Carrot cupcakes rank highest with little ones.) There will also be an assortment of gluten-free breads, quiches, pies, tarts, cookies, and brownies. A warning for those with other kinds of allergies: the goods are baked in a peanut-free, but not nut-free, facility.

Crumbs Gluten Free
37 E. 8th St. (btwn. University & B’way)
212.673.1500; crumbs.com