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Blueleo launches a nanny referral service

Local online marketplace Blueleo has launched a no-fee referral service designed to help families find a new gig for their nanny, baby nurse, or housekeeper. On the flip side, it gives families looking to hire domestic help a first-hand (and often heartfelt) vetting. To post a referral, click the Post Referrals button on the site's homepage; then sign up, select the category, add your own write-up on why your baby nurse or nanny is so fab, and hit publish. Those looking to hire can cruise the referrals via the link on the homepage—search by neighborhood, price range, or keywords, and contact the person who posted the listing directly through the site. Blueleo’s founder (a NYC mom herself) and staff review all referrals to ensure they’re legit (there’s also a report button for suspect leads).