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Wheat Not, Want Not

Where to find gluten-free eats in New York

Gluten-free is having its moment. Whether your child has celiac disease or you’re just trying to cut down on postpartum wheat bloat, here are some of the best gluten-free resources in the City.

Birthday cake. At Babycakes, all the baked goods—including kids’ birthday cakes—are made with Bob’s Red Mill all-purpose, gluten-free flour. Babycakes also delivers citywide; 248 Broome St., 212.677.5047
Pizza. Slice will make a pie with rice-flour crust for an additional $2.50 (personal pie) or $5 (20-inch pie); located in the West Village (535 Hudson St.) and on the UES (1413 Second Ave.). Mozzarelli’s sells brown-rice-and-bean-crust pizza by the slice (38 E. 23rd St.).
Family Dinner. UWS Italian staple Sambuca has a separate menu that’s entirely gluten-free—right down to the dinner roll (20 W. 72nd St., 212.787.5656). Lilli and Loo also has a dedicated gluten-free menu of Chinese and Japanese dishes, plus gluten-free soy sauce and dessert (192 Lexington Ave., 212.421.7800).
Groceries. Hands down, Fairway dedicates the most shelf and freezer space to gluten-free foods. They stock toddler-friendly brands like Udi’s (mini-bagels), Amy’s (mac and cheese), and Van’s (frozen waffles)—and they charge less than most health food stores for a package of Applegate Farm’s Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets (just $5.89); located on the UES (240 E. 86th St.) and UWS (2127 Broadway).
Cupcakes. Los Angeles import Sprinkles offers a gluten-free version of their red velvet cupcake, made with a blend of five gluten-free flours (tapioca, fava bean, garbanzo bean, potato starch, and white sorghum), and topped with cream cheese frosting and a “G” sugar candy; 780 Lexington Ave., 212.207.8375.