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What's Old Is New Again

Momshood, a new online swap service created by local mom Gemma James, is a goldmine for maternity, baby, and kids clothes. Shop by category, size, season, gender—or for something specific. You can browse through boxes that are posted by other moms; each contains 10 to 15 items (depending on the size and what fits in the box). If you see a collection you like, it costs $4.95 plus $11.95 for shipping. After you claim your first box, you need to offer up one of your own in order to get another (they send you a free USPS priority mail box and prepaid shipping label). All the clothes must be good quality, with no rips, stains, or excessive wear-and-tear. Parents vet the boxes and can post a review on who they have swapped with. If a box doesn't meet Momshood’s standards, they’ll credit you.