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We’re All Ears.

A new way to do Disney.

Here’s the thing about Disney. You can roll your eyes. You can wrinkle your nose. You can swear off the princesses. But eventually you’re going to cave. Everyone does. At least now you don’t have to schlep to Orlando for your kids to “have a magical day.” Starting next month, Disney Cruise Lines will be offering new itineraries from New York City. There will be 20 trips offered, from two-night “At Sea” cruises ($370 per person) to eight-night voyages to the Bahamas with a one-day visit to Walt Disney World ($1,240 per person). Cruises include all the usual Disney attractions: theater productions, movies, themed parties, fireworks, and of course plenty of face time with the characters.

Are we skeptical? Sure. We are New Yorkers, after all. But we’re also thinking this could be—dare we say it—kinda cool.