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Wallabees, Penguins, And Sea Lion Pups—Oh My.

Spring arrivals at the zoo

Clearly, the best thing about springtime in New York is the relief from crappy weather. But a close second is the arrival of baby animals at the zoo. Here’s what you’ll find on the season’s first family outing to the zoos around town.
The baby mini-Nubian goat at the Tisch Children’s Zoo in Central Park has a fluffy black and white coat, gangly legs and bleeaaats to his mom, Angel, all day long. Over at the newly renovated Penguin House, you’ll find four new deep-diving King penguins (Lyle, Slappy, Will and Robert) joining the zoo’s more than 60 gentoo and chinstrap species. Centralparkzoo.com
At Prospect Park Zoo, the baby rock wallabies should emerge from mama’s pouch any day now. Meanwhile, the sheep and alpacas have only another month or so of fluffiness: they’ll be shorn at the Fleece Festival (May 9 and 10), where kids can watch the shearing and make all sorts of sheep-themed art projects. Prospectparkzoo.com
Visit the Bronx Zoo any weekend from April through June to catch the Animal Tales Extravaganza, where kids can meet the zoo’s newest arrivals: California sea lion pups, four new bear cubs, lizards and some “surprise” additions, TBA. Performances by top children’s entertainers—Dan Zanes, John Farrell—and readings of books like A Very Hungry Caterpillar and Moonbear round out the offerings. Bronxzoo.com