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Vent All You Want

New support group helps moms deal with toddlerhood

Toddlers can be a real pain in the you-know-what. Commiserating over power struggles and bedtime tantrums helps. That's the idea behind the new Toddler Parenting Support Group from You Plus 2 Parenting. Led by founder and parenting coach Rachel Cedar, each hour-long session is designed to explore the common challenges of moms with little ones ages 9 months to 4 years. Topics like managing negative behavior and tantrums, potty training and bedtime, and adjusting to change and transitions will all be on the table. Moms will walk away with tips for teaching tots skills like flexibility, problem solving, and relationship-building.

You can even bring your little terror, if you wish: Sensible Sitters babysitters will be available in the adjoined playroom.
The group meets every other Wednesday at 10am through December 3; $125 ($175 with babysitting). A Thursday group starts October 9 and meets every other Thursday at 10am through December 18; $150 ($180 with babysitting). Register at youplustwoparenting.com.

You Plus 2 Parenting
247 W. 87th St., at Broadway, UWS