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Troubleshooting Parenting

NYC Mom Support provides expert advice in a group setting

There's no shortage of books, webinars, and workshops on new-parent topics like sleep training, transitions, and positive discipline. But we prefer the idea of having an expert answer our questions directly. That's the goal of NYC Mom Support Group, recently launched at the UWS NY Kids Club. Led by psychotherapist and parenting specialist Michelle Canarick, Ph.D. (you may recognize her as a regular on Good Morning America), the class helps moms identify real solutions for whatever's challenging them—sleepless nights, transitions into motherhood, keeping it all together. During each session, group members are asked what topics they'd like to cover—anything is game. Canarick gives each participant a specific, individualized plan of attack, which attendees can test-drive at home and discuss in the following class. 

Weekly classes are held on Fridays from 10am to 11:15am, starting April 19th. The six-week session runs thru May 24th and costs $180. Register by emailing mcanarickphd@gmail.com.

NYC Mom Support at New York Kids Club
644 Amsterdam Ave., near 91st St.