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Toying Around

FAO Schwarz opens “The Gallery of Historic Toys”

To celebrate its 150th birthday, FAO Schwarz has cracked opened the archives for a nostalgic peek at the best toys of the past century-and-a-half.  Their in-store “Gallery of Historic Toys” installation runs through April 10th and showcases over 25 vintage toys, many of them protoypes or first-editions. In addition to a hand-sewn Cabbage Patch Kid (1982), first-edition Hot Wheels Car (1968), and a Steiff Teddy Bear that dates back to 1905, you’ll see original versions of classics like Etch A Sketch (1959), Silly Putty (1950) and the first dollhouse couple, Barbie (1960) and Ken (1961).  They’ve also got cool store artifacts like catalogues dating back to 1928 and a sales ledger from 1909 on display.
FAO Schwarz
767 Fifthe Ave., at 58th St.
212.644.9400; fao.com