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Top Billing

A new service for insanely busy moms

Dealing with health insurance claims can be almost as time-consuming as taking care of a newborn. Seriously. And unfortunately, getting pregnant in New York is often the gateway to Out-Of-Network headaches, since many of the City’s top OB-GYNs and pediatricians (not to mention post-partum psychotherapists) don’t accept insurance.

So here’s a question: how much would you pay for someone to take your medical bills off your hands? Venture capitalist (and Flywheel founder) Jeff Pressman is betting you’d pay about $65 a month. His new company, Off Your Desk, charges exactly that to handle every aspect of private individuals’ health insurance claims—from filling out paperwork to wrangling reimbursements—and tends to get more money back than you would yourself.

“We save our clients between three and five hours of work per month, and we generate, on average, an incremental $3,000 in reimbursements per year versus doing it by yourself” Pressman says, explaining that Off Your Desk employs trained experts who know how to maximize returns.
Here’s how it works: Sign up for the service over the phone; it takes about ten minutes. You will be assigned a personal account manager, and will receive a packet of prepaid mailers—so you can immediately forward mail from doctors and insurers to Off Your Desk, without even opening the envelopes. Every document you forward is scanned and saved in an online account, and the status of every claim is updated in real time.

Now you can get back to the more important things on your to-do list, like sleep.