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The Wiggles, Redux

A new Aussie kids’ entertainer on the scene

Australian performer Leon Fallon has been entertaining kids in New York for the past few years as Outback Aussie, a one-man band with a cult following that includes Brooke Shields and Christy Turlington. While Fallon is a regular performer on the birthday party circuit at Citibabes, he’s still something of a secret among moms planning parties in the city. That’s all about to change with the release of his new DVD, co-produced by John Field, a Wiggles songwriter who has penned more than 250 Wiggles songs, including the irresistibly catchy “Hot Potato.” Brooke Shields is quoted on the Outback Aussie website gushing about the DVD, “We LOVED it, and danced and sang all around the apartment . . .  happy and upbeat!” And we have to admit being totally hooked on it as well. The DVD is available for purchase at filmbaby.com ($17.99). Outback Aussie parties are $300; book him while you can.
Outback Aussie
646.678.0453; leonfallon@hotmail.com