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The Safe Way To Get Around

Uber’s new family-friendly service

Uber has done an amazing job of easing taxi-shortage rage in New York with their genius (if pricey) on-demand car service. And now they’re trying to make schlepping around the city with a little one easier, too–and safer. 
With the app's brand-new uberFAMILY feature, you can request a vehicle equipped with an IMMI Go seat for any child who is older than 12 months, heavier than 22 pounds, and taller than 31 inches—yes, the child must be all three. 

The seat, which meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213-set requirements, will only be installed in the back seat (or second row if there’s a third row). And to really set your mind at ease: all Uber drivers have been trained by the Car Seat Lady on how to install the seat in their own vehicles. Uber drivers are also responsible for keeping seats tidy. For now, there is only one seat per car; the service costs an extra $10 on top of regular rates.