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The Family That Cooks Together . . . .

Freshmade NYC launches culinary classes for tots

When Freshmade NYC arrived last year as a nutritious catering company for kids’ events, we applauded the idea of serving something other than pizza at birthday parties. And now—hip, hip, hooray!—they’re starting a family cooking school in Soho. Hosted in an impressive 1,600 square-foot space with two full kitchens, Freshmade will offer classes for kids ages 2 to 3.5, including ‘Lunch Express,’ featuring healthy lunches like soba noodle and veggie stir fry, and organic chicken skewers with blueberry BBQ sauce. Toddlers get to mix, chop, and taste ($450 for the season). At ‘Brunch & Munch,’ children make mini fritattas, pumpkin waffles, and ‘teeny martinis’ (a.k.a. fruit and veggie smoothies); $475. The ‘Family Dinner’ class will focus on cooking and eating together. Tasty sounding dishes include homemade gnocchi, herbed chicken pita with tomato and cucumber salad, and quinoa mac and cheese; $495 for two adults and one child, $175 per additional child.

The fall semester starts September 24 and runs through December 14.

Freshmade NYC
636 Broadway, Ste. # 516
347.927.4406; freshmadenyc.com