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The Annie 411

Getting them psyched to see the show

Tickets to the Broadway revival of Annie went on sale to the general public Monday. (Children of the 70’s, let’s have a group woo-freaking-hoo!) Preview performances begin October 3rd at the Palace Theatre; opening night is November 8th. And yes, Thanksgiving weekend is already sold out. So book ‘em while you can. In the meantime, here are a few things you can do to get your tot excited to go. Download the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Annie on iTunes. Skip the movie versions of Annie (which can be a bit scary and are really nothing like the show) and show them this fab 10-minute YouTube clip from the 1977 Tony Awards instead. (Watching Andrea McArdle sing Tomorrow gave us chills all over again.) There’s already some super-girly merchandise for sale on the Annie website, and authentic Annie costumes (by Rubies) will be available in time for Halloween. The big question of course is, will our kids love it as much as we did? Absolutely, says producer Arielle Tepper Madover. “It’s a Cinderella story of optimism, hope and figuring out where you belong—which is something that everyone can relate to. And the fact that there are seven adorable girls singing and dancing onstage makes it even better.”