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Sugar and Spice

Glam treats for Easter and Passover

The holidays are a few days away, which means most of us are scrambling to order centerpieces and fill Easter baskets. So whether you’re searching for a festive hostess gift to bring to Seder, or just trying to give the kids an early appreciation for the virtues of quality chocolate over Cadbury Creme Eggs, we’ve found the city’s best holiday treats—from organic bunnies to chocolate-dipped Matzos.
For Easter:
Vosges Haut-Chocolat‘s Goose’s Golden Eggs come in brilliant flavors including Bacon and Eggs (soft bacon caramel and dark chocolate) and Organic Peanut Butter Bonbon Eggs (PB, dark chocolate, pink Himalayan salts and Maldon salt); $22 for a box of five. And don’t even get us started on the Exotic Bunnies: try the Barcelona Bunny (hickory smoked almonds, grey sea salt, and deep milk chocolate), or the Orchid Vanilla Bunny (Tahitian vanilla bean and dark chocolate); $12 each. Jacques Torres’ favorite holiday is Easter. He goes all out, making a variety of molded items from classic and comical bunnies (pictured) to lambs, fish, pigs, and eggs of all sizes (chocolate ostrich egg anyone?). Torres also does to-die-for chocolate-covered Peeps. Foiled eggs are $1 each; ostrich egg, $8; bunnies range from $3 for a tiny rabbit, to $40 for a cowboy bunny, to $90 for a giant smiling bunny.
For Passover:
Jacques Torres’ large peanut butter chocolate- or dark chocolate-covered matzos cut in four is $8; his Manischewitz Bonbons (a.k.a. rich dark chocolate truffles infused with Passover wine) are $18 for a 12-piece box. Whole Foods carries dairy-free apricot and cherry kugel ($3.49 each), and Kosher sweets (from Irene’s Bakery) like raspberry hamantaschen ($6.99 each), meringues ($6.99 each), honey nut loaf cake made with matzos and sweetened with honey ($8.99), and chocolate egg cake, a dense moist cake covered in chocolate ganache ($12.99 each).
To purchase:
Vosges Haut-Chocolat: 132 Spring Street or 1100 Madison Avenue; vosgeschocolate.com
Jacques Torres: 350 Hudson Street or 66 Water Street, DUMBO;  mrchocolate.com
Whole Foods: various locations; wholefoodsmarket.com