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Step Right Up

Lines form at the new Crocs Soho store

We knew it was coming (and honestly didn’t think it was such a big deal), but the new Crocs flagship store in Soho has officially opened, and the lines are out the door.

What’s the fuss? For starters, they stock Crocs in every color of the rainbow—up to 20 hues. But the real draw is the new, narrower fit. Crocs have evolved to be a lot more stylish, and more importantly, they stay on little feet better.  (We’ve recently seen toddlers playing soccer in them. No joke.)

Check out the flip-flops, Gabby ballet flats, and the slim-fitting Keeley style for girls, which has a Mary Jane-ish strap across the front. The other hot item: the just-launched Crocband Nation Collection—a retro sneaker style, in country-specific colors just in time for the World Cup, which kicks off this Saturday. Right now, they can’t keep them in stock, so be sure to call before visiting the store.

Crocs Soho
143 Spring Street, at Wooster