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Smooth Operators

Learn how to make your own baby food

We imagine all moms wish they had the time and kitchen skills to lovingly puree organic food for their babies. But when it comes to reality, most of us order the jarred stuff. In bulk. So we perked up when heard about a new class by Taste Buds (formerly known as Cupcake Kids) that promises to take the stress out of home-made baby food.
Geared toward caregivers of babies aged 4 to 12 months, Organic Baby Food 101 is a two-hour class comprising a one-hour discussion on feeding babies, followed by an hour in the kitchen, making and preparing up to six tasty dishes from scratch. The recipes, which include Fish Puree with Cheddar Cheese Sauce and Chicken with Leek, Mushroom and Apple Puree, are apparently easier to whip up than they sound.
Classes are held at the company’s Chelsea kitchen. Babies are welcome in carriers; no strollers in the kitchen, please. October 5 (11am - 1pm) and October 14 (7 - 9pm); $80 per person.

Organic Baby Food 101
Taste Buds
109 West 27th Street