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Show of Hands

The hot new puppet act on the birthday party circuit

Puppet shows can be really lame—which is exactly why we’re so excited about the witty, intelligent and thoughtfully styled shows by filmmaker Chad Williams and his wife, Lindsey Z. Briggs, a professional puppeteer for PBS kids’ shows. The duo has been collaborating on documentaries and film shorts for the past five years, most recently creating their own hand puppet act: WonderSpark Puppets. For the younger set (ages 2-5), they perform a 30-minute show with lovable characters like Max, who loves to play detective, and Red Herring, a school kid who gets blamed for everything. Kids get to “meet” the puppets after the show, which borrows from the problem-solving format of Dora the Explorer and Blue’s Clues. There’s a clue-finding portion of the show, and kids get to identify the real culprit from three possible suspects. “We strive to really engage the kids throughout all our shows, especially the younger ones with a limited attention span,” explains Briggs. WonderSpark will perform at any venue in the tri-state area; $250 per show.
WonderSpark Puppets