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Introducing Moomah’s new keepsake nights

We feel a little lame writing about Moomah again. But man, they offer such cool stuff. We just can’t help it. This time, we’re all riled up about their new keepsake nights, where crafty moms can create cool shadowboxes like the ones displayed on Moomah’s walls.

Bring in special objects—baby shoes, a rattle, a favorite plushie—and learn how to box and display them at home. For $65, you’ll get the shadow box, art materials, wine, beer, and food; or for $35, you can bring in your own project materials to work with (wine, beer and food included). The art project nights will be held on the first Tuesday of every month, from 7 to 9pm. As a bonus, there will be guest speakers like Aliza Pressman, parenting expert from Seedlings Group (and StrollerTraffic’s own Child Development Expert), who will be speaking on April 5th.
“Moms these days have greater expectations placed on them then ever before,” says Moomah founder Tracey Stewart.  “We wanted to create a night where moms could get answers to some parenting issues, but more importantly just relax and enjoy themselves.” Amen to that.
161 Hudson Street