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Seeing Green

A new offering from SoulCycle

As if SoulCycle needed any help filling bikes, the spinning empire has a new hook to lure calorie-obsessed moms: SoulCycle Market Rides. Immediately following the 8:30am class on Saturday mornings at SoulCycle Union Square, teacher Laurie Cole leads her riders on a shopping tour of the greenmarket. A devoted vegetarian for 30 years, Laurie selects a different seasonal recipe each week and organizes a a group shopping expedition for the required ingredients. Sounds like a fun way to get outside and cool down after class—plus the early hour means the market isn’t too crowded, either.

Classes are $32 and include the 45-minute tour. The next Market Ride class is scheduled for June 4th (guests will be shopping for a peppers-and-potato stew and a pecorino-and-honey dip), and will continue every Saturday during the month of June. Book at soul-cycle.com.