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Save Your Cell

First aid for smart phones

No matter how many faux phones you supply, little ones usually gravitate to the real thing. It’s no wonder moms' devices often end up with cracked screens, dented cases, or worse, in the toilet. To save you a few bucks on replacement fees, we've rounded up some good (and not too shady) places that'll fix just about anything that ails an iPhone—or any phone, for that matter.

There’s nothing that Manhattan iPhone Repair says they can’t fix; repair fees for shattered screens, busted buttons, and water damage start at $50 for iPhones or $125 for iPads (224 W. 35th St., Ste. 312, Midtown; 646.658.3126). Sunny Cell Phone Repair Station will fix splintered iPhone 5 screens for $120 if the phone still works ($140 if it’s gone dark); water damage starts at $65 (234 Canal St., Ste. 206, Chinatown; 646.577.9992). iFIX replace your screen while you wait: the front glass of an iPhone 5 usually takes about 30 to 40 minutes ($120-$175ish); the back takes about 20 minutes, depending on the problem ($220ish). If water damage is fixable, it starts at around $100 for an iPhone 5. All iPhone 4 fees are a bit less (247 E. 77th St., UES; 212.933.4440/347 Fifth Ave., Ste. 310, Murray Hill; 212.810.6432). And AppleBerry iPhone Repair will fix your shattered iPhone 5 screen for $149; water damage starts at $85—iPhone 4’s and other models cost less (566 Seventh Ave., Ste. 601B, Theater District; 212.354.2000/501 Fifth Ave., Ste. 607, Midtown; 347.840-4245).