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Potty Train Like A Pro

Parenting Unlimited founder Kimberly Walker has become known for her in-home sleep training services and is ready to tackle another common parenting struggle—potty training. Prior to booking, Walker will conference with you for all your situational particulars. During half-day (four hours) or full day (eight hours) appointments, tots will learn how to recognize the body signs that signal them to go to the potty, express the need, and proceed on their own in order to help build confidence in accomplishing potty tasks. Parents and caregivers get guidance and demos on various training techniques (since no two kids are alike), tips for reacting to accidents and resistance, and advice on managing expectations and maintaining a patient, positive attitude. Half days cost $650, full days are $1,050, and a week of unlimited phone and email support is included. Email Kimberly@parentingunlimited.com or call/text 917.623.7077 to schedule an appointment.