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Pilar Guzman: Where Is She Now?

Former Editor of Cookie magazine, and Park Slope mom of two

Former fans of Cookie magazine will be happy to hear that the fashiony family mag is being reincarnated. Well, not exactly. But former Cookie editor Pilar Guzman will be channeling its spirit through Momfilter.com, her new website for moms, launching September 1. We caught up with Pilar on life after Cookie, including the release of her new cookbook, the launch of her website, and raising kids in the City.

Q. We loved Cookie, and miss it! How has it been adjusting to life after Cookie?
A. It was obviously very difficult and sudden. Mostly it was hard to not have the collaborative environment. The upside is that I get to work from home. Right now I get to pick my kids up from school and kick the soccer ball around at the park. I end up working all the time in exchange for this flexibility but it’s been a great change.

Q. Tell us about MomFilter. Is it going to be like Cookie?
A. In as much as it comes from the same spirit—the desire to elevate the everyday for moms, to make her feel relevant, to inspire her. My partner, Cookie’s former travel/lifestyle director Yolanda Edwards, describes the site as a blog that doesn’t look like a blog. The idea is to mine the blackbooks of all of our favorite moms, notables and regular moms.

Q. We heard you are releasing what would have been a Cookie branded cookbook, had the magazine not folded. Can you tell us about the book?
A.Time for Dinner is coming out in September. You can pre-order on Amazon. It tackles the business of getting dinner on the table every night—as well as the attendant self-flagellation that seems to go on with moms not feeling good about the food they serve.

Q. We’d love to hear about your favorite activiites/programs for kids in New York.
A. Chinatown is goldmine for kids—dim sum, fish stands and trinket shops where you can buy jade figurines for a buck. And as predictable as it is, you could spend your life in the medieval section of the Met (especially if you have boys). Mostly we Razor scooter around our neighborhood, take bike rides around and build forts in Prospect Park. We often end up at the Dram Shop, a bar on 9th Street that has an air hockey table and pool and one of the best burgers in town. While the park is our salvation, a great indoor discovery is Brooklyn Boulders, a fantastic rock climbing gym that seems to be tailor-made for kids.

Q. Where do you shop for your kids?
A. I have boys and therefore don’t get too tempted. I buy almost everything on sale from the Gap, J.Crew, Lands End, Mini Boden, and on the higher end, Makie, Ralph Lauren, Bonpoint for sweaters and outerwear. I’m always buying beautiful things for other people’s kids on sale from Flora and Henri, Makie, Marie Chantal, Bonpoint.

Q. As a celebrated content provider in the family sphere, your reading recommendations carry a lot of weight: Have you read any great mom/parenting books lately?
A. I recently reread Parenting from the Inside Out, which is one of the best ever. Also all of Dr. Cara Natterson’s books, most recently her book Dangerous or Safe?, on what parents need to know about toxins. She isn’t alarmist and that’s the best part.

Q. What do you think makes it harder being a mom in NYC?
A. We lack the suburban ease of wide open spaces, backyards, indoor/outdoor living and being able to pull up to a supermarket, find a parking space and load up on everything you need without worrying about your arms falling off trying to carry it all home!