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Otherwordly Treats

Cynthia Rowley’s candy store gives new meaning to “dark chocolate.” 


Don't shoot the messenger, but Cynthia Rowley has just opened a new candy shop. And it's awesome. Opened mid-February on the second floor of her four-story Madison Avenue store, CuRious Candy has an Alice in Wonderland-meets-Willy Wonka feel, with an elaborate evil-forest entrance and unique confections like fresh-spun, glitter-dusted cotton candy ($7); incredible edible place settings with teacups, plates, and utensils ($28); and hard candy sculptures in shapes like sailboats, lions, and love birds. There’s also plenty of candy by the pound (from $14), where you'll find creepy offerings like lollipop eyeballs among classics such as Swedish fish and chocolate malted milk balls. Animal-themed felt party hats, gothic glitter crowns, and custom metallic foil piñatas round out the fun. There’s also a cool t-shirt collection with signature CuRious animal graphics (think hybrids like half panda, half penguin creatures). Mwah-ha-ha.

CuRious Candy
43 E. 78th St., near Madison
212.288.1163; CuRiousCandy.com