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Organic Groceries, Delivered

Manhattan Milk adds meat and produce

We’ve loved Manhattan Milk’s old-fashioned dairy delivery service since it first launched in 2007. (And not just because the owners, who personally come to your apartment and stock your fridge, look like this.) So we were psyched to hear they're adding fresh produce and meats to their original offerings, which included organic glass-bottled milk and hormone-free eggs, cheeses, and yogurt. Now you can order in-season fruits, vegetables, and—starting this week—meats like hormone-free filets and strips and organic local ground meat. Manhattan Milk’s door-to-door delivery schedule runs five days a week; milk is $4.99-$5.99 per quart; fruits and veggies start at $3.99 per pound; a $6 service fee applies. You can create an online account, but the best way to know everything that's in stock on any given day is to call the office.

Manhattan Milk
917.388.2713; manhattanmilk.com