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One-Stop Shopping For Baby Classes

Kidz Central Station aggregates NYC kids’ programs

There’s an undeniable absurdity surrounding toddler schedules in New York. And as we all gear up for winter registration, we applaud NYC mamas Lauren Pohl and Emily Levine for attempting to streamline the process with Kidz Central Station. The new e-portal for kids’ classes enables you to search multiple programs—Music Together, Kick and Play by Super Soccer Stars, Taste Buds Kitchen—by class type, date and time, age, neighborhood, or price. You can sign up on the spot, or share program details with friends to coordinate a group sign-up. There’s also a drop-in option for commitment-phobes, trial class requests for the unsure, and a pro-rated pricing tool for those who enroll mid-semester. You can even sync the class schedules with your personal calendar. Keep in mind the list of programs is not comprehensive yet (you won’t find Little Maestros or Ballet Academy East, for example); nor is it editorial in spirit—companies either pay a fee to be listed, or share a percentage of revenues generated through the site. Still, we dig anything that aims to save us busy moms some time.