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NYC’s Top Baby Gurus

The best numbers to call during tough times 

It’s been said that it takes a village to raise a child—or at least the advice of some really good experts. Here’s who to call when you need a little help with . . .
. . . registering for gear: Jamie Grayson earned his stripes demonstrating strollers and car seats at Buy Buy Baby; now he runs a consultancy business as The Baby Guy NYC.
. . . designing the nursery or playroom: As a Parsons grad and former Nobu architect, Alessia Corpino and Julie Frank of My Tiny Nest know a thing or two about creating stylish environments.
. . . the stylish side of raising a baby: the tastemaking sisters-and-mom trio at Sissy + Marley consult on everything from personal shopping and baby announcements to party planning and decorating.
. . . organizing your closets: Melanie Fascitelli of Clos-Ette is a wiz at spatial planning; she’ll completely revamp your approach to hanging, folding, and organizing baby’s closets and drawers.
. . . babyproofing: Baby Body Guards does an excellent job of shielding crawlers and early walkers from cabinets, cords, doorways, and other home safety hazards.
 . . . a second (all-natural) opinion: Lauri Grossman, DC CCH RSHom(NA), has taught homeopathy at NYU and Sloan-Kettering, among other institutions; she’ll recommend custom remedies for your child to treat everything from anxiety to eczema.
. . . relaxation: Not only does Janet Markovits of Maternal Massage and More give a blissful prenatal massage, she’ll also teach you how to massage your infant to help soothe upsets like colic, teething, and gas.
. . . handling your emotions: Psychologists Alexandra Goletka M.A., M.S., Psy.D and Marianna Strongin, M.A., Psy.D of Parenthood Psychology Practice give expectant and new moms support for feelings stirred up by PPD, premature births, new sibling anxiety, and other emotional obstacles. Bonus: they’ll come to your home or office, if you wish.
. . . breastfeeding: Freda Rosenfeld, Board Certified Lactation Consultant, (718.469.5990), can walk you through anything from positioning and latching to increasing milk supply.
. . . developmental concerns: Dr. Aliza Pressman and Dr. Bronwyn Charlton of Seedlings Group offer one-on-ones, small groups, and workshops to help parents work their way through tantrums, separation anxiety, biting, discipline, and limit-setting at any age.
. . . sleep training: Many exhausted parents have turned to Dr. Edward Kulich MD, MAAP, or Natalie Nevares of Mommywise to coax and coach babies into a schedule.
. . . speech: Samara Heiman, M.S., CCC-SLP and author of the Little Speakers book series, can help identify and manage challenges such as oral-motor delays, auditory processing disorder, language-based learning disabilities, expressive and receptive language deficits, and other speech-related issues.
. . . fine motor skills: If your child is struggling with pencil grip, visual perception, muscle strength, or attention and organizational skills, Casey Halper of the Casey Halper Group is a good first step toward getting ready for pre-K.