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Non-Dairy Milk Made Yummy

Juice Press aims to hook the littles

It's pretty hilarious to see toddlers wolfing down acai bowls and kale smoothies. (Clearly, juicing has taken hold of this town.) And now, Juice Press has formulated something especially for tots: Kid Milk. The non-dairy drink is made fresh daily from their homemade almond milk (a mix of almonds, vanilla, coconut oil, sea salt, and coconut milk), and comes in three flavors: chocolate (made with cacao), strawberry, and banana (with goji berries). If your little one doesn’t guzzle it down all at once, it’ll keep in the fridge until the end of the following day. A 9oz bottle is $5 and can be picked up at any of their thirteen locations (soon to be fifteen–new Tribeca and Midtown stores are set to open April 14). Cheers.