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No, You're Not Losing Your Mind

It's just a **lot** to keep track of

From those last weeks of pregnancy through the first years of childhood, there are lots of medical appointments to schedule. And lots of milestones to record. And lots of developments to share. Baby Bundle organizes all of it. Created by Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg of Carnegie Hill Pediatrics, the handy new app (for iPad and iPhone) allows users to record pediatric visits, vaccinations, and baby’s medical information; track feedings, growth, and daily activity; and privately share baby’s development, growth milestones, and photos with family and friends.

There's also stage-relevant content (like suggested questions to ask at the next check-up), chat forums, a baby care guide, and a quick heath-reference guide for common ailments. Bonus: the app integrates with the Withings Smart Baby Monitor, so you can remotely check on your child or monitor room temperature and humidity. Brilliant.