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Parenthood Psychology launches in New York

It’s great that Postpartum depression is now out in the open and on its way to being accepted by the judging masses. But that doesn’t make it any easier to get to a therapy appointment on time when you’re going through it. That’s why psychologists Alexandra Goletka M.A., M.S., Psy.D and Marianna Strongin, M.A., Psy.D founded Parenthood Psychology Practice, with in-home services specifically designed to support the unique emotional needs of expectant and new moms. Both Goletka and Strongin were raised in Europe, where, as part of the health care system, midwives provide new mothers with postpartum care in their own homes once they leave the hospital. When the co-founders became new moms themselves here in New York, they realized a similar service was needed in America. Parenthood Psychology is their effort to fill the void. Goletka and Strongin schedule appointments at your apartment, in the hospital waiting room (if you have a preemie), or even during a walk around the block if that’s what’s most convenient for you. An initial exploratory session to determine what it will take to accomplish your objectives, relieve your symptoms, and empower you as a parent costs $230.
Parenthood Psychology Practice
646.450.1283; parenthoodpsychologypractice.com