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Never Do Laundry (Or Dustbust The Stroller) Again

Baby Bubbles NYC hangs a shingle on the UES

Local parents Seth and Kimberly Mittman had a genius plan when they conjured Baby Bubbles NYC: wash baby gear for busy parents. Today their storefront opens on the UES, with an even better idea: baby laundry services. #FistBump

Throw your little one's dirties in a bag, choose which detergent you prefer (Dreft, All Free & Clear, Seventh Generation, or Purex Ultra Baby), and they’ll pick it up, inspect and treat stains with a non-toxic remover, wash, dry, press, fold, and deliver the clean loads back to you—by 8pm the same day (if you send it before noon). They're also open to special requests, like separating whites or specific temperatures.

A one-time service costs $1.48 per pound (with a 10 pound minimum); subscription services are available as well, at a discounted rate. There are extra charges for comforters ($45), stuffed animals ($15), and coats ($25).

But back to the original idea of cleaning gear: stop by with a dirty stroller, carseat, highchair—you name it—and they'll scrub and shine that, too. Pick up Baby Bubbles’ own All Purpose Spray and Wipe (it’s formulated with plant-based ingredients and is free of GMOs, VOCs, gluten, fragrance, and detergent) ($8.49), along with other handy items like City Stork Stroller Wheel Covers ($34.99).

Baby Bubbles NYC 
240 E. 85th St. (at 2nd Ave.), UES