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Made To Order

Organic baby food services that deliver

Nothing’s more New York in spirit than food delivery. So it should come as no surprise that a handful of businesses are delivering organic baby food to parents who eschew jarred food but don’t have time to puree. Here are three worth trying.
Petit Organics
Offerings: Stage One Purees include simple fruits, veggies and seasonal faves like Butternut Squash or Golden Beets, while Stage Two Blends comprise more complex concoctions like Broccoli, Carrot & Quinoa.
Ingredients: 100 percent organic ingredients are sourced from Union Square greenmarket and distributors such as Albert’s Organics.
Food prep: Each batch is handmade and packaged less than 24 hours before delivery.
Unique feature:  The founders are both certified food handlers who collaborate on their menus with a classically trained chef and nutritionist.
Packaging: A three-day supply of nine BPA-free containers (the “Petit Pack”) is delivered in an ice-cold insulated pack that can double as a snack pack.
Delivery area: Manhattan
Cost: $48 per Petit Pack.
Website: petitorganics.com
Junior’s Fresh
Offerings: Stage 1 offers basic purees like pear and sweet potato, while Stage 2 introduces heartier meals mixed with quinoa, risotto, barley, beans and oats (the Maple Roasted Pear with Risotto is super popular). They’re introducing Stage 3 Toddler Tastes later this month.
Ingredients: Produce from local farmers are delivered to Junior’s Fresh twice weekly, and make up 90 percent of each recipe. All ingredients are free of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and GMO seeds.
Food prep: Dishes are prepared in a certified professional kitchen less than 24 hours before delivery.
Unique feature: Fun names like “Honey I Squashed the Chili,” a mix of black beans, butternut squash, cumin and oregano.
Packaging: Vacuum-sealed, fully compostable serving cups are sourced from a local purveyor.
Delivery area: Manhattan (for now).
Cost: $2.95 per serving, or $24.95 for a bundle (a three-day’s supply with nine containers); minimum $20 order for delivery.
Website: juniorsfresh.com
Offerings: Simple purees (including a beef puree) as well as solid-food dishes like chicken breast with zucchini and carrot. Dessert purees are available, too: think puree of peach compote, banana, and dulce de leche.
Ingredients: All meals are cooked with 100 percent USDA certified organic ingredients and purified water.
Food prep: Purees are prepared in the kitchen of Union Square’s green-minded organic restaurant, GustOrganics.
Unique feature: Dishes can be ordered as pureed or as small chunks via blender.
Packaging: Bio-degradable containers and spoons.
Delivery area: Carbon footprint-free delivery, south of 23rd Street, only!
Cost: $59 for a 4-day supply, or $99 for 7 days, plus an 18% delivery fee.
Website: gustorganics.com