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Lunch Aid

IN’BOX delivers fresh-prepped school meals for little ones

A personal chef may not be in the cards for many of us, but a gourmet lunch box delivery service could be the next best thing. Created by local moms Ingrid Calvo and Stephanie Rubin, IN’BOX offers preschool-appropriate boxed lunches that include a main dish, salad, dairy item, fruit, and a mystery prize (like tattoos or stickers). Expect items like broccoli with chicken and quinoa, baked fish sticks with crunchy carrots and tzatziki sauce, butternut squash soup with a turkey sandwich, and veggie-loaded meatloaf. All meals are created by a French Culinary Institute-trained chef in a professional kitchen in Midtown; everything is free of nuts, sesame, and artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners. (Gluten-free and lacto-ovo vegetarian lunch options are also available.) IN'BOX lunches can be purchased a la cart or as part of a meal plan, starting at $9.90 per lunch. Meals are prepared early each morning and cold-delivered daily between 6am and 8:30am. The lunches are packaged in disposable containers and an easy-to-carry box, along with toss-able cutlery. Check the website for delivery zip codes throughout Manhattan.