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Losing It

Remember when 30 minutes on the elliptical would get the job done? Yeah, those were the days. Now we’ve all gotta work a little harder to shed the extra pounds. So we rounded up some of the latest butt-kicking workouts to hit NYC.
Tribeca Parenting has just launched a new one-hour class called MommyMUSH beGone, hosted by Solo Fitness & Wellness. Focusing on the usual postpartum mush areas, the program includes abdominal strengthening and Kegel exercises, plus core work to reduce back pain and lots of stretching. The classes are available at the Upper East Side and Park Slope locations, and babies aged 4 weeks to pre-crawlers are welcome; $30 per session, or $160 for six-weeks.
Sure, we all want Natalie Portman’s body in Black Swan. Total pipe dream. Still, you can attempt it with Ballet Beautiful, a new fitness program designed by Mary Helen Bowers, who trained Portman for the role. The online classes—broadcast in real time—aim to develop the strength, carriage, and elongated muscles of a dancer through targeted low-impact exercises. We like that you can do it at home; all you need is a webcam and a mat . . . and if you really want, a tutu. Classes start at $25.
Hoopnotica is a full-body workout using a fitness hoop that reportedly burns 400 to 600 calories an hour. Classes are offered in midtown studios, as well as in Central Park. Newbies can learn the basics of waist hooping, hip hooping, and arm hooping before moving on to more advanced exercises. Classes usually last an hour and cost $20.
The Beast is a new boot camp led by a former US Army master trainer. The program comprises obstacle courses, fire escape climbs, sand pit exercises, monkey bars, and “drop and give me 10s.” Gulp. Classes opened at Chelsea Piers on Saturday; the next session begins July 9th. A once-a-week package is $320, or $720 for three times a week.
Indo Boarding is a new offering at Crunch. Originally designed to train surfers out of the water, an Indo Board is a wooden, oval-shaped board that rests on a plastic roller. The goal is to stay balanced and not let the board touch the ground. There’s a strong mind-body component, and yes, it’s as hard as it sounds. The classes are currently taught at Crunch in Fort Greene, but are arriving at at other Crunches soon. Indo Boarding is free for members (day passes are $30).