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Let’s Work It Out

The next exercise fad has arrived

‘Tis the season to feast. And drink. And if we’re being honest here, to pack on a few pounds. We moms of tots don’t have enough hours in the day to spend time chipping away at those extra holiday calories. That’s why a speedy new exercise regime that promises results in as little as three to four weeks sounds pretty damn tempting.
It’s called Vibration Training, and it takes just 20 minutes, three times a week. The exercises are standard weight-bearing fare—squats, lunges, triceps curls—but they’re performed on an oscillating platform that kind of looks like a Segway without wheels. The vibration of the platform causes muscles to reflexively contract, according to Gabriel Ettenson, who co-owns Amplitude Vibration Studio with his partner David Newman. Newman explains the contractions occur up to 1800 times a minute and involve the entire muscle (versus 40 percent muscle engagement with traditional exercise).  He says vibration training also increases bone density and circulation while improving muscle flexibility, tone, and strength. Introductory memberships are $99 a month, for unlimited classes. Sign us up.
Amplitude Vibration Studio
261 East 78th Street, 2nd Floor