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Keeping Afloat

Year-round swim classes for tots

Somewhat surprisingly, fall—not summer—is the busiest season for Imagine Swimming, New York’s largest swim school. With 2,000 kids taking lessons each week, Imagine currently offers lessons at eleven pools in Manhattan and Brooklyn, including their just-opened flagship facility in Tribeca—a 10,000 square-foot space designed for infant and toddler classes.

Why the influx of students this time of year? Parents want to continue the progress made during the summer, with all of the time spent in the pool. Without continued lessons throughout the year, young children (toddlers, especially) will most likely forget what they’ve learned and be right back where they started next summer. “It’s important that kids come year round. Children who take the winter season off versus kids that swim through, are definitely not going to be placed in the same level come spring,” says co-founder Lars Merseburg. “They often need to re-learn those skills.”
Imagine’s school-year sessions start on Tuesday, September 7; group lessons are $40 a session. Other popular year-round swim programs for kids under the age of 3 include Asphalt Green, SwimJim, and the YMCA.