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Just A Trim

Father-and-son barbershops

City parents tend to take their kids to children’s hair salons, where moms usually direct the styling. Still, we’re totally tickled by the idea of fathers and sons bonding over daddy-and-me haircuts at these grownup (but kid-friendly) barbershops.
There are three chairs at old-school Italian barbershop Frank’s. The first belongs to Frank, the second and third chairs are manned by Joe and Sal. The unwritten rule is that you experiment, but then pick one barber and stick with him. Dads and tots get groomed side-by-side while Joe talks loudly about the state of the world, and of course Italian soccer. Cost is $20 each, including tip and lollypop.
Frank’s Hairstylist
231 Thompson St.
The same folks who run Freemans Sporting Club (a bespoke suit place) and its sister restaurant, Freemans, are behind F.S.C Barber—a modern take on traditional walk-in barbershops. F.S.C. doesn’t have a father-son package, but many of the beard-sporting hipster dads who go here bring in their sons. The barbers are young and fun; kids’ cuts are $32, dads’ are $40. Both get rosewater mist to freshen up after the cut.
F.S.C. Barber
5 Horatio St.

Please don’t call Paul Molé a salon. “It’s a barber shop, and we are pretty adamant about that.” The shop has been open for 97 years, and has a big family following. Kids five-and-under can get their hair cut downstairs on an antique chair shaped like a horse while watching TV. Dads can be groomed next to them, or in the upstairs salon. The kids’ cutters are Kim (the owner’s daughter), and Tony. Cuts are $35 for children and adults alike; reservations recommended.
Paul Molé
103 Lexington Avenue, at 74th St.

At the Hair Box in Soho—reportedly the oldest barbershop in Manhattan—fathers take their sons to see Irena, who is no-nonsense, patient and meticulous. The barbers switch the channels from sports to cartoons for the tots, and do their work fast, with a candy reward at the end. Cuts are $20 each, including tips.
Hair Box
203 Spring St.