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Introducing Gaga For Tots

New classes for two’s and three’s

Kids like to beam balls at each other. That’s the lesson learned from the insane popularity of the Gaga Center, which opened last year. Now the UES spot is starting the fun even earlier, with a new class designed for ages 2-4 (2’s must turn 3 by April 30th). For Tot Gaga, expect age-appropriate, high-energy activity—running, jumping, catching, throwing—along with educational components like sorting, counting, shapes, opposites, and patterns. During the inaugural winter session, Tot Gaga classes will be offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, starting January 29th. The seven-week semester costs $315; registration is now open at gagacenter.com.
The Gaga Center
230 E. 93rd St.
gagacenter.com; 212.920.7884