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Ideas For Your Next Play Date

Kidsy eases the what-to-do conundrum

There’s no shortage of activities for kids in this town. In fact, the challenge lies in deciding what to do—and managing the logistics. Kidsy has a solution. The new site streamlines the whole play date-planning process, from choosing an activity to inviting friends to join. All of the activities on Kidsy are tested and chosen by parents and bloggers who recommend things like touring an ice cream factory in Chinatown or seeing a movie on the Intrepid. Browse by child’s age, location, or date; once you find an appealing activity, create a play date on a shareable message board and invite friends by entering their email addresses. The site will then suggest new parent friends from the Kidsy community who have shown interest in the same activities. And, to make things even easier, a handy bookmarking function helps you keep your plans straight. It’s free to sign up and additional organizing tools are in the works.