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Hush Little Baby

Gentle classes for the cautious set 

Music class isn’t all that fun when the drums scare the bejeezus out of your baby. So we’ve rounded up three wonderfully gentle classes for timid tots.
The teachers at Free To Be Under Three are like baby whisperers, but be forewarned: there’s usually a six-month waiting list (at least) to get in. The Upper East Side program focuses on language development through free play, soft music, and character puppets; consistency and loving care are their hallmarks. We especially like that classes are limited to 13 children, and are carefully calibrated by stage (6-8 months, 9-10 months, 10 -12 months, etc.) Class fees range from $575 to $795, depending on the term and class.
Baby Fingers offers sign language classes for infants through age 2, featuring gentle music and infant massage. Founder Lora Heller says the goal is to help babies relax and learn communication through bonding and parent-child interaction. Classes are held year-round in various NYC locations, and range from $25-$32 per class.
We love that apple seeds offers modified “baby” versions of its most popular classes—like Songs for Seeds, a rockin’ music class that they’ve adapted for babies ages 0 to 12 months. The amps are turned down, and the emphasis is shifted toward nursery rhymes, finger play, and peek-a-boo. Instructors also spend more time on the floor, playing with babies at their level. Class fee for non-members is $660 for 16 weeks.