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Hurry, Hurry, Hurry

The new Eloise shop in the Plaza hotel

The brand-new Eloise shop, in the basement of the Plaza hotel, is more a fun-house than a store. Yes, you can buy Eloise Madame Alexandar dolls and Eloise t-shirts and Eloise hats and Eloise pens and Eloise books (you get the idea). But that’s not the reason to go.

Right now, while it’s still something of a secret, the Eloise shop is like a private, oversized play house for girly girls. There’s a “Fashion” room, where kids are encouraged to dress up in tutus and feather boas on an elevated dressing stage. There’s the “Library,” with continuous screenings of Eloise movies and mini bean bag chairs (pink, of course) for story time. And later this spring there will be beauty treatments (manicures, pedicures, and makeup applications) in the “Salon” and full-on tea parties in the “Tea Room.”

It’s beyond cute—and beyond empty, for now. Go before the word gets out and you have to fight for a tufted stool.

Eloise Shop, The Plaza Hotel
One West 58th Street