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How to use that fancy camera you bought

Small-group lessons with a pro

Have a baby, buy a new camera. That’s just the way it works. But while that big ‘ole Nikon or Canon DSLR might improve your ability to capture the moment more quickly, it won’t guarantee decent composition or a tightly focused subject. In other words, your photos can still suck. How cool, then, that one of our favorite family photographers is now offering private group lessons for novices. Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman of JellyBean Pictures, who shares photography tips and training through her sister website then she snapped, has a new service called a “snapped party.” Grab a group of your besties—the ones who are as obsessed with taking pictures of their babies as you are—and Tonetti-Spellman will teach you how to find the best lighting, pick a fresh angle, and get real smiles from your kids. Snapped parties cost $125 per guest, and require a minimum of seven attendees (max ten); the host of the party gets a free ride. Available in New York City, Westchester County, and Greenwich. To book, email jennifer@thenshesnapped.com