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Hands-Off Parenting

Yogi Beans hosts certified RIE classes

RIE is huge in LA. The hands-off parenting philosophy is based on early childhood educator Magda Gerber’s theories that when parents observe more and do less, they can encourage a baby’s natural abilities. It’s kind of the anti-helicopter approach, and we’re happy to see it catching on in our city. Yogi Beans Studio has just added new Certified RIE Parent-Infant Guidance class to its schedule. Led by Johanna Herwitz, Ph.D., the class asks parents to trust their children’s intuition as they’re let loose to explore the room and each other. Babies are grouped according to gross motor development, not age. For the first part of the class, parents quietly observe their little ones while Herwitz models the RIE approach, showing “if, how, and when to intervene” as events naturally unfold—like two babies going after the same toy, gross motor challenges such as a stuck climber, and various levels of frustration. The second part of the class is a group discussion about what everyone (babies and grownups alike) learned from the session’s happenings.
Back Babies (for infants not yet getting around) is held on Mondays, 11:45am - 12:45pm; $480 per series, $180 per 3-week trial, $60 per class; max 8 kids. Mobile Infants (for crawlers) is held on Tuesdays at 11am - 12:15pm; $520 per series, $195 per 3-week trial, $65 per class; max 6 kids. The 8-week Toddlers class starts in the beginning of April, and will be held on Mondays, 9:45am - 11:15am; $560 per series, $210 per 3-week trial, $70 per class; max 6 kids.
RIE at Yogi Beans Studio
1018 Lexington Ave., 2nd Fl. (bet 72nd & 73rd Sts.)
212.585.2326; yogibeans.com
To enroll, email info@yogibeans.com or call 212.585.2326.