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Great Expectations

A new baby planning service for moms (with really good taste)

We’ve said it before: expecting moms with questions about baby gear should book some time with Jamie Grayson: no one knows strollers and car seats like The Baby Guy. But for everything else (and there sure is a lot more to consider), we are liking the idea of Sissy + Marley, a new, all-inclusive resource for expecting moms in the City.

Sisters Chelsea Reale and Rachel Geisler founded the company with their mom, Diana Rice, an accomplished chef and interior designer whose work has been published in Country Home and Better Homes and Gardens.
“We are here to take care of all the beautiful details leading up to the arrival of a little one,” says Reale, who is Sissy + Marley’s stylist, personal shopper, and events coordinator—skills she honed as a senior fashion exec for brands including Calvin Klein, Ungaro, and DKNY.

Services range from nursery design ($700) and DIY baby puree lessons ($350) to play date planning ($225) and shower hosting. They’ve also teamed up with a talented photographer and stationer, as well as Baby Body Guards, to provide clients with baby proofing and car seat installation. Indeed it seems, after a stroll through their gorgeous website, Sissy + Marley can cross off just about anything on an expecting mom’s to-do list.


Services are available throughout NYC.