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Good Help Is Hard To Find

A new resource for kids' therapists in the city

There are lots of kids who need speech therapy. And there are lots of speech therapists. Yet somehow it can be really challenging to find the right fit. Ditto for occupational therapy, physical therapy, special educational therapy, and behavioral therapy. In a matchmaking effort, one New York-based speech therapist (and UWS mom) has founded TherapyfindR.com. Users can search the site’s directory of speech therapists by specific need like articulation and phonological disorders (sound errors, lisps), ADHD, social skills, language delays, and hearing loss. There's also the ability to search by zip code, read professional profiles and client reviews, and reach out to potential therapists through an internal messaging system. Also handy: schedule a one-on-one, 30-45 minute call with a licensed therapist (it costs $75); read articles on topics like feeding, swallowing, dyslexia, and communication; and exchange questions and ideas in the “connect” forum. All therapists listed on the site are licensed and certified by ASHA (it’s not required in becoming a speech pathologist but is preferred because of the stringent continuing ed requirements). While the site currently focuses on speech, other therapies are in the works.