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Go To Bed Already

Mommywise introduces sleep coaching tele-classes

We’ve all been there—totally exhausted, wondering if the baby will ever go the *&$@ to sleep. Mommywise wants to help. The Brooklyn-based practice has been creating custom sleep-training programs for nearly a decade; now, founder Natalie Nevares is offering group classes—by phone. The new four-week Teach Your Baby To Sleep: Group Coaching Class starts with a private 90-minute call or FaceTime chat with Nevares (both parents are required to be on the line); for the following three sessions, families will hop on a private bridge line for weekly one-hour group Q&A chats during which setbacks, fears, and successes are discussed (one or both parents can dial in). Tele-classmates will also be able to connect to a private online community over the course of the four weeks, where you can download the coaching call recordings, ask additional questions, and get more direct feedback from Nevares.

Classes are capped at eight families and cost $545 per family. The next class begins the week of July 8th, with the three subsequent group calls scheduled for Tuesdays (July 16th, 23rd, and 30th) at 1:30pm .