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Gimme A Break

A new way to score great deals

Imagine if Groupon always featured stuff moms would dig. That’s the idea behind Gaggle of Chicks, a new website that will offer New York moms daily deals on everything from children’s classes to beauty products.

Here’s how it will work: sign up (for free) to receive discount alerts, delivered daily via email. Each deal will run for 48 hours; if enough moms sign up for the deal and become part of the Gaggle, it “hatches” and everyone in the Gaggle receives the discount—which could be anything from 60 percent off kids’ meals from Susie’s Supper Club to 50 percent off organic baby products from Babo Botanicals to 60 percent off Kids in Sports classes. Bonus: members will be able to read other moms’ reviews on a discussion forum, before deciding if they want to buy.

Gaggle of Chicks is slated to launch mid-August; sign-up now and receive a $10 gift credit.