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Two new ways for moms to boost nutrients

Juicing may be having a moment, but it's not necessarily safe for expecting or nursing moms. That probably explains the proliferation of beverage companies targeting the pre- and post-natal crowd. The latest? Bundle Organics and Bump Water, two pasteurized ways to get in on the action.
Founded by New Yorkers Kwany Lui and John Mascari, Bundle Organics prenatal juices are made with USDA organic, GMO-free fruits and veggies plus folic acid, vitamin D, calcium, iron, and omega-3.  An advisory board stacked with OBGYNs and nutritionists put its two cents into the formulations, resulting in flavors like Dark Berry and Veggie, and Kale, Apple, Lemon and Ginger. Order the drinks online; prices start at $18 for a three-pack of 16-ounce bottles—plus a $5 flat shipping fee; free shipping for orders over $50.
Hailing from Brooklyn, Bump Water offers a line of flat and sparkling waters infused with the recommended daily allowance of folic acid for expecting moms—as well as vitamins A and D. The beverages are low-calorie, low in sugar (they're availalbe in versions sweetened with organic cane sugar or stevia extract, which is a bit controversial) and come in four flavors—strawberry lemonade, pomegranate mixed berry, sparkling lemonade, and sparkling cranberry ginger. It’s sold by the case for $28.99 on the website, or on Amazon.